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Stop MMA Gloves From Smelling Bad

Anyone who trains regularly in MMA, Boxing or any kind of Martial Arts will know that after a while your kit will start to smell. Just ask your wives or girlfriends.

You or they do not have to put up with smell or buy a new pair of MMA gloves, you can now prevent them from smelling nasty. Its not only better for your health and the others who you train with, but also prolongs the life of your equipment.

So what makes them smell?Smelly MMA Gloves

Its a common misconception that its the sweat that smells. Its not, its the bacteria that lives in the humid atmosphere of your gloves that causes the bad smell. The damp warm environment is a bacteria breeding ground and will only get worse with use. These bacteria can cause bad skin conditions and even make you ill if ingested.
The same holds true for leather sparring helmets, MMA shin guards or Muay Thai shin guards.

Glove treatment myths:

  1. Putting them in a freezer kills the bacteria…… No it doesn’t, they only hibernate and once you wear them again they wake up and continue to enjoy your nice sweaty gloves. Anyone who knows anything about food hygiene will know that freezing bacteria infested food does not make it safe to eat, the toxins and most of the bacteria remain once it thaws.
  2. Spray your gloves with Fabreeze….. This really is a bad idea as its filling your gloves up with chemicals that will build up inside the fabric and cause more damage than good. Fabreeze really isn’t designed for clothing, more sofas and curtains.
  3. Stick your nice leather boxing gloves or mma gloves in the washing machine. Tthis may get them nice and clean once or twice, but wont do the leather or the special foam padding inside any good. They generally take ages to dry properly and using a tumble dryer will really damage them

So how should you look after your MMA kit?

  1. Make sure you air them well after each session, and let them dry naturally. An ideal way is to transport your gear in a mesh holdall. See our range of suitable holdalls here - MMA Mesh Holdalls and Bags
    Take them out of your bag straight away when you get home, wipe them down with a damp cloth inside and out and hang them up.
  2. Invest in some antibacterial spray that you can spray inside your gloves, head gear and/or shinguards.

Odor Aid SprayOdor Aid is an antibacterial spray for use inside gloves and shin guards. Use after each training session to kill the bacteria that causes the bad smells inside your MMA gloves, boxing gloves and shin guards.
Clinically proven against germs, bacteria and viruses such as Staph, Strep, Herpes Types 1&2, and Infuenza.

Only £9.99
Buy Odor Aid Antibacterial Spray Today

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